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Making the Move to Seattle - Seattle Quality of Life

Why Choose Seattle?

Seattle is loved by many for its diverse landscape and busy city life. Seattle has so much to offer and there is something for everyone. If you’re interested in moving to the Seattle area then here are a couple reasons the locals love the city!

The Rain Never Bothered Us Anyway

Residents of Seattle love the rain! Yes during the winter months the dreary weather can get anyone down, but the rain provides water for all of the lush green parks in the area. Nothing a good pair of rainboots and a jacket can’t solve! The cold rainy months can beat the snow that other cities in the Pacific Northwest face every winter, Seattle very rarely gets snow, and when it does it is very little. During the summer Seattle is often very sunny and has an average temperature of 80 degrees and up.

Seattle’s Parks

Seattle has 485 parks spanning over a total of 6,414 acres! These parks vary in size and location. They are havens to the community. The city hosts all kinds of events in the parks throughout the year. Seattle often has open air markets and even music festivals in these parks. These parks have lots of paths and trails for running and biking. Seattle is a very bike friendly city and it is the main transportation of a lot of residents.

Natural Wonders

Seattle is surrounded by the Cascades, Mt. Rainer, and Mt. St. Helens. The views of these mountain ranges are stunning and can be seen from all over the city. The Puget Sound is another spectacular view, you can relax and just watch the boats come in and out of the sound for hours. Just outside of the city in under and hour drive, east and west, you can find yourself in the forests. To the east you will hit the Snoqualmie pass, Snoqualmie is beautiful and has great camping areas and hiking trails. If you go a little further east to around Leavenworth you will find hiking trails to The Enchantments, some of the prettiest hiking and alpine lake trails in the PNW. To the west of Seattle you will find yourself in the Hoh Rainforest. This rainforest is gorgeous and a great weekend exploration trip away from the city. The Seattle area is also one of the only areas in the country where you can see wild orcas.

Seattle’s Music Scene

Seattle has long been known for is music scene, and often is referred to as the birthplace of grunge. If you love music Seattle is the place to be. There are always concerts in the area ranging from bar concerts to huge venues like the CentryLink Field. A couple huge bands and artists got their start in the area and there are always up and coming bands playing.

Settle Arts and Culture

If you love the arts then you wont be dissapointed with the arts scene in Seattle. There are tons of galleries and art museums for you to peruse on a rainy weekend. Even the streets throughout the city are canvases for artists. There are murals all over the place for you to find. Seattle also has some really cool museums for you to check out. There is always something to in Seattle.

Calling All Coffee Lovers

Seattle is home to the first Starbucks store, and now there is one on almost every block in the city. Not only can you get your Starbucks fix but there are locally owned and operated coffee shops all throughout the city. These coffee shops are fun and quirky and no two are the same. Grab a cup of joe and catch up with your friends.

Seattle is a Tech Metropolis

Microsoft and Amazon are both headquartered in the Seattle area bringing in lots of tech jobs. If you are in the tech industry or looking to get your foot in the door then Seattle is a great option for you. With innovations to the tech world coming everyday it is great to be in the center of those innovations.

Seattle Sports

Seattleites love their teams, the Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners. If you are a sports fan then you will fit in just fine. Safeco Field is a common weekend destination for residents, with craft beer on tap and comradery pulsing through the stands. The field has a retractable roof so no weather can stop the fun.

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