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Seattle To Coos Bay Moving Services

Moving From Seattle To Coos Bay

Considering a change of scenery?

Want to experience everything that the Oregon Coast has to offer?

Coos Bay is a great place to move! Enjoy the Pacific Ocean breeze or walk through the luscious and ever-changing forests. Don’t let the stress of moving be the thing that holds you back from your fairytale, let us do the job for you! Here at Lake Union Movers, we have a staff of highly-trained movers who are more than qualified to assist your move from one state to the next. We have plenty of experience in both Oregon and Idaho, tackling high-end moves for tons of people in the PNW. Whether it’s a one-story or four-story house - we are equipped to handle any and all moves.

Coos Bay Quality of Life

“Coos Bay” is a Native American phrase, translating to “lake” or “place of pines”. Several Native American tribes consider Coos Bay to be their ancestral homeland. Not only is this area a nature-rich experience, but it is holds significant cultural importance.

Visit the famous Shore Acres State Park, known for its incredible views of the large wave breaks over the rocky shoreline. Kayak across the clear, flat waters of South Slough National Estuarine Reserve. Enjoy countless waterfalls scattered across the area and bask in the glory of nature. Or visit the Umpqua Dunes, the largest and widest dunes in Oregon. So many recreational activities to choose from!

Coos Bay is an incredibly cheap place to live in comparison to other parts of Oregon! The median home price is $164,100 and the median rent is $708. That is almost unheard of in other parts of Oregon - and you know you are getting an incredible place for more than half the price, unlike Portland or Seattle. Coos Bay is a great place to move for a career as well! They have one of the lowest unemployment rates of any city. They focus on finding jobs for every resident they can and they truly take care of their homeless citizens. Many people who live in Coos Bay are business oriented, or work in an educational or medical field. Other occupants are employed by the armed forces.

Coos Bay has a ton of incredible public and private schools for you or your children to attend! They also have an 88% high school graduation rate, which is 9% higher than Seattle and 11% higher than other parts of Oregon. Coos Bay citizens are super healthy and take an interest in their personal health daily. Over 70% of citizens are non-smokers, have a healthy BMI and engage in regular physical activity.

Coos Bay Packing/Unpacking

Packing is one of the most difficult parts of any move - until now! Let us pack and unpack your home, and when the move is finished - we will take the boxes off your hands. A hassle-free job, you don’t have to lift a finger!

Seattle to Coos Bay Long Distance Moving

We are a 5-star, affordable, Seattle to Coos Bay long distance moving company that specializes in full-house moves and luxury homes. Whether local or long-distance, we will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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