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Moving From Seattle To Issaquah

Discover Everything Issaquah Has To Offer

Issaquah, WA is the perfect mix of urban and suburban living. An area of diverse and successful residents, it is booming with potential. With plenty of activities for all ages - Issaquah is a great place for anyone to settle down!

If you’re considering a move to Issaquah, let us be the ones to get you there!

We have plenty of experience in Washington, and are more than ready to help you with any and all of your moving needs! We’ll bring the truck, the movers, and the tools - and we will take the stress and the furniture off of your shoulders! Call or text us today at 206-659-3874 for a free quote.

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Quality Life in Issaquah

Issaquah is a wonderful place to call home for many reasons. Located just 20 minutes from Seattle, you don’t have to give up the city life - you get the best of both worlds. You can raise a family in a quaint, highly-educated area without missing out on the convenience and entertainment a city has to offer.

Issaquah is home to many highly rated schools, perfect for raising a family. Issaquah High School is one of the most popular schools in the state due to their classes and preparation for students transitioning into college.

Recreation and Entertainment in Issaquah

What Issaquah lacks in population, it makes up for in recreation, This city has many things to do for single people and families alike. Visit the Zoo, enjoy a stay-cation in the Treehouse Point cabins, visit the Issaquah Highlands and enjoy all that the 1,500 acre parkland has to offer. In Issaquah, everyone is very friendly and you’ll find it to be a very hands-on community. When living there, you may find yourself joining a book club, wine club, sing your heart out on open mic nights - you name it.

Long Distance Moving Services for Seattle to Issaquah

Don’t worry about how far you live from Issaquah, because here at Lake Union Movers we provide long distance services. That includes us driving your belongings cross-country, strapped to the inside of the truck so that your items are fully secure and we arrive at the location on time.

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Packing Made Easy In Issaquah

Here at Lake Union Movers, we understand the value of time and money - and that is why we intend on saving you both when you sign up for our services. Here, we utilize our highly trained movers to accomplish your move as quickly and safely as possible. They understand how precise this job is, from wrapping expensive glasses to wrapping paintings and silverware - they always handle your items with caution and care. We understand the value of our clients belongings so we use all the required tools and materials to make sure our packing is at its best.

When You're Ready for Issaquah, Call Us!

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