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Moving From Seattle To Salt Lake City

Considering a change of pace? Salt Lake City offers that and more.

Moving From Seattle to Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a great place to move for single people and families alike. With it’s vast land, clean and safe city streets, beautiful scenic mountains and trails, and incredibly affordable living - now is the best time to relocate to Utah!

Here are some highlights of Utah living:

Salt Lake City, UT Highlights:

Outdoor lovers - Utah is the place for you. Are you a mountain biking, skiing, hiking, climbing, skate and snowboarding - Utah has an outdoor activity for all of your interests. With every season comes a new recreational activity for you to enjoy. Utah is home to five national parks to choose from: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches. Scenic beauties for everyone to behold.

2. Utah Skiing is World Class

Enjoy one or all six ski resorts within an hour of the Salt Lake City. Also enjoy back-country skiing and snowboarding with hills stretching miles and miles.

3. The Tech Industry is On the Rise in Utah

Utah houses more than 4,000 startup companies and companies such as Adobe or eBay. Utah has so much potential, they’ve received $2.5 billion in investments from venture capital firms which means it’s just going to keep growing and growing.

4. Free Activities in Utah

Outdoor yoga in the park, hiking, biking groups, farmers markets and street fairs. The free fun is endless in Salt Lake.

5. Love Music? Sundance Film Festival

Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute hosts the largest annual film festival in the United States. Locals get discounted tickets - so if you’re planning a move to Salt Lake City, here’s a little incentive for you.

6. The Utah job market is booming

Utah has an expansive job market and most residents live fairly lavishly due to their income. Salt Lake City is at the top of SmartAsset’s list of the best cities for creative people in 2018. Salt Lake City is also always making lists of cities with the strongest job markets.

7. Utah has a diverse economy and flat-rate taxes

Utah has a flat state income tax of 5%. Property taxes in Utah are low, and sales tax is average. Utah has no estate tax. If you’re planning on moving to Utah, you’ll be shocked by the amount of economic diversity and opportunity there is. Popular careers range from tourism, finances, agriculture, mining, and many more.

8. Diverse Neighborhoods and Culture

Salt Lake City is a culturally diverse mix of working-class and young professionals. The Marmalade District near Capitol Hill has developed into a trendy, gentrified ‘hood. Smaller neighborhoods rank high for walkability and amenities. Apartments, condos and houses are newly sprouting up in the area - giving you a fresh feel while still showcasing old Salt Lake in its original beauty. On top of beautiful neighborhoods, Utah is also rich in culture. Each year they host many festivals and cultural events.

9. Salt Lake City is a Hub for Direct Flights

One nice thing about Salt Lake City is easy access to West Coast cities on short direct flights. That means when it's time to see the ocean, you can do so without a lot of work or spending a lot of money. Easy and direct vacation access from Salt Lake.

10. Quality Education

For secondary education, Brigham Young University and University of Utah are two of the best, then there is Western Governors University, several community colleges and specialized institutions, such as the Violin Making School of America - these are all equally as incredible. No matter what education you are seeking - you are bound to find some incredible options in Utah.

Seattle NW Movers

Need we say more? Let Seattle NW Movers assist you in your journey to the great state of Utah. We are a 5-star rated company providing professional long distance moving services from Washington to Utah and more. We specialize in full houses and luxury homes, as well as cross-country moves. We are top-rated due to our dedication to our industry and customers. We utilize a group of highly-trained professional movers, large safety set trucks, and high-quality equipment to make the move as safe and efficient for our clients.

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